Origins Of The Black Panther Party Logo

“I had read a pamphlet about voter registration in [Alabama], how the people in Lowndes County had armed themselves against Establishment violence. Their political group, called the Lowndes County Freedom Organization had a black panther for its symbol. A few days later, while Bobby and I were rapping, I suggested that we use the panther as our symbol,” (Huey Newton describing how he and Bobby Seal adopted the Black Panther for their party’s symbol, from page 44 of Black Against Empire).

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‘The Murder of Fred Hampton’

Writing in the New York Times, critic A.H. Weiler called this 1971 documentary “a disturbingly somber illustration of some of the ills that beset us and our social system,” and “an unleavened indictment of Edward V. Hanrahan, the Illinois State’s Attorney, the policemen in the raid and the Chicago political Establishment.” “The Murder of Fred Hampton” is a must-watch for anyone looking to understand the context … Continue reading ‘The Murder of Fred Hampton’