Reading Guide


I’m Mike Romain, publisher of Village Free Press and a lover of books. I’ll be your reading guide as we make our way through our inaugural One Book, One Proviso reading selection Black Against Empire.

Every few days or so, I’ll be posting a guide to each chapter as I make my way through the book. If you’re reading the book along with me, or with a group of people, feel free to email me some feedback at I may incorporate this feedback into these guides.

Below, you’ll find hyperlinks that will take you to reading guides for each chapter. Again, I’ll be creating these guides as I make my way through the book, so if you overtake me (say, if you’re at chapter 10 while I’m still getting through chapter five), please bear with me! I’ll eventually get there.

One quick note: I’m reading the 2016 paperback edition of the book, which may be slightly different than the 2013 edition.